2003 Timestep                                  GALLERY

Are we all capable of searching and finding the things that matter to us most?

"Timestep is a highly theatrical performance of cabaret spectacle and colour, swirling around the cyclical nature of time passing."
Katie Phillips (Dance Expression)
Timestep250pixTimestep explores the life experiences of 82 year old AMICI member Marjorie Crawford, stage name Paddie Dare. In a surrealistic daydream she steps back in time and relives moments from days gone by. Worker's Playtime, ENSA in Normandy, George Formby, Josephine Baker and the liberation of Paris are only part of that journey.

All the AMICI members tell this extraordinary story with flashbacks, dream sequences, narration and music.
Choreographed by AMICI and Wolfgang Stange.

Timestep was performed as a triple bill along with Breaking Out & Untitled

Breaking Out

Choreographed and performed by Amici member Bill Robins

"Not one to be ignored, Bill confronts us confidently with an exploration of barriers to fulfilment; the hindrances, frustrations and grievances of living within a disabled body."
Katie Phillips (Dance Expression)


Choreographed and performed by Amici member Carol Britten

"Untitled is a beautiful, simple work consisting of a flowery swirling mass of performers moving in linear formations similar to stately court dances. With skipping in circles and whizzing wheels, the structure of shape, pattern, music and friendship is explored. The enjoyment of the dancers is almost overwhelming, their pleasure and delight in performance radiating into the auditorium."
Katie Phillips (Dance Expression)