Amici can perform a number of repertoire pieces ranging from from 5 to 30 minutes, 2 to 20 members -  from extracts of full company shows, an existing selection of short shows or a piece made bespoke for your event, festival etc which could be based on a theme to be discussed. If you are interested please do contact us.

Some previous repertoire performances include:

Breaking Out

'Breaking Out' is based on a poem by choreographer Bill Robins.
I am lonely
My body prison
Door closed
Hear them
Talk over my head
Like vegetable
They afraid
To see me without mum
Watch them.
A spotlight opens on Bill Robins, principle performer, in his wheelchair, his strong arms open wide. With the rest of the stage in darkness it seems as if he is floating in space. Bill confronts us confidently with an exploration of barriers to fulfilment; the hindrances, frustrations and grievances of living within a disabled body. Bill simply shows us that there is nothing to be afraid of, or look away from.

The Chosen

A 30 minute company piece specifically made for Xposure 2005. 'The Chosen' shows the diversity of AMICI.
Choreographed by Wolfgang Stange
Performed by Amici


Choreographed by Amici member Carol Britten
Carol explores her love of music, playing with patterns and shapes and dancing with her friends. 
Running time: 10 minutes
Performed by 12 members of Amici.
This piece travels with 12 performers, 1 technician, 1 stage manager and 1 carer totalling 15 people.

Odd One Out

Choreographed by Amici’s Artistic Director Wolfgang Stange.
How does difference affect us? Should we ignore it, nurture it or even get
rid of it?

This piece has a running time of 20 minutes and is performed by 14 members
of Amici.