A look back at Amici  (Monday 18th May – Saturday 23rd May at 7.30pm)

Amici Dance Theatre Company, celebrate their 40th anniversary this year. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they have had to cancel their planned 40th anniversary show, Amici’s One World, after nearly a year of rehearsals. However, this hasn’t stopped the company coming together to celebrate their 40th anniversary, they will be joining together virtually to take ‘A look back at AMICI’ with six of their most renowned performances being live streamed on YouTube each evening from Monday 18th May – Saturday 23rd May at 7:30pm.

During the live streaming each evening, there will be an opportunity to ask questions about the shows and company in a live Q&A with Wolfgang Stange (Amici’s Artistic Director and founder) and members of Amici.Please click on the links below to go to the live YouTube streaming.

Monday 18th May 7:30pm - Rückblick

(1995 Akademie Der Kuenste, Berlin; originally premiered 1982, The Place)

Tuesday 19th May 7:30pm - 20/20

 (2001 Akademie Der Kuenste, Berlin; originally premiered 2000, Lyric Hammersmith)

Wednesday 20th May 7:30pm - Timestep

(2003, Lyric Hammersmith)

Thursday 21st May 7:30pm - Stars are out Tonight

(2005, Lyric Hammersmith)

Friday 22nd May 7:30pm - Tightrope


(2017 Lyric Hammersmith, originally premiered 2010)

Saturday 23rd May 7:30pm - 35 Amici Drive


(2017 Lyric Hammersmith, originally premiered 2015)

Please join us in an exploration of Amici’s history, seeing past performances and reflecting on how they have developed over 40 years. Amici’s stunning work has always subverted stereotypes and challenged conventional attitudes towards disability and the arts breaking both barriers and new ground. In a time of uncertainty, the Amici shows are a panacea, as Wolfgang Stange comments “we must not lose sight of hope, without hope we would be very lost indeed”. Amici shows that sharing and celebrating each other’s differences is the only way forward.

The 40th Anniversary Show, Amici’s One World, is currently being rescheduled for 2021 – when we can all be together again, inviting international artists from across the globe to join in a celebration of joy, life, protest and the beauty of uniting people from different cultures.

Producer - Turtle Key Arts
Artistic Director - Wolfgang Stange
Films prepared & provided by Primo Digital Video Productions
Ruckblick, 20/20, Timestep & Stars are out Tonight filmed by Landscape Films 
Tightrope & 35 Amici Drive filmed by Primo Digital Video Productions